In 2009, the City of Madison Fire Department contracted with Midwest Emergency Planning Services (MEPS) to develop an emergency management plan for the city.  The work performed by MEPS exceeded expectations and netted the desired result, a plan approved by the City of Madison Common Council.

Michael Steinhauer was the primary contact for MEPS.  During the contract period Michael was very accessible and worked hard to ensure his work was in concert with the goals and objectives for the project.  Michael outlined a strategy, facilitated meetings and steered to project to completion.  It was a pleasure working with an emergency management professional with the knowledge, skills and abilities to meet our needs.

MEPS boldly suggested a new or unconventional approach for the plan.  The MEPS approach proved to be the solution we needed at the local level.  The approved document and subsequent training will serve the city for years to come.

Ed Ruckriegel, Fire Marshal, Madison, WI

I am pleased to offer a testimonial for Michael Steinhauer and Midwest Emergency Planning Services (MEPS). I have had the pleasure of working with Michael both in an official city/county emergency planning capacity and as a consultant to the city.

In 2009‐2010, we contracted with MEPS to develop an emergency management plan for the city. Mr. Steinhauer and his team performed diligently and efficiently. After devising several versions of the plan, the City of Madison Common Council approved our document unanimously.

Michael Steinhauer and his team have the knowledge and skills necessary to develop the comprehensive plan we required. Their expertise in numerous areas of emergency management and planning was the primary reason for achieving our goals. Michael was always easily accessible, adopted a can‐do attitude throughout the project. Michael met timelines easily and presented himself and his team professionally at all times.

I am proud to be associated with this group of emergency management professionals and recommend them to help guide municipalities and community organizations meet their emergency preparedness needs.

If you would like more detail, I am available to answer questions. Thank you,

Debra H. Amesqua Fire Chief City of Madison Fire Department



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