Are you prepared?

The first question is: “When — not if – will the next emergency come?”  The questions that follow may come as a flood, threatening to overwhelm you with their speed, wash you away with their number and drown you with responsibility.

Who will need help?  Have I planned well enough to help? What resources do I have? How do I communicate my plans?  Who are my best partners? What if we have to evacuate? What if we’re cut off? 

Most importantly:  What is my role, and how can I help prepare?  How will my business recover? How will my neighborhood recover?

Are you in compliance?

Planning and preparedness are mandated by law: ADA, federal guidance, state regulations.

Whether your business is population planning, running an organization, or civic leadership, your community deeply depends on your planning. People you know. People you love.  People for whom you became responsible when you became a leader.  When your chance comes to help them, will you be prepared?

We can help.

We’re experts in emergency planning, public health and communications and we’re committed to community preparedness and action.  We have the knowledge and experience to help you keep your safe.